Why the new smash DLC promotes blackface Why the new smash DLC promotes blackface
I was going to give props to the folks at Nintendo. For once, they didn’t mess up an announcement trailer with some disappointing news.... Why the new smash DLC promotes blackface
Steve has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


You have almost certainly heard Nintendo’s most recent character DLC announcement, since it has broken the internet. Minecraft Steve has been announced as Nintendo’s 7th Smash Bros DLC character for their hit platform fighter video game series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This seemed like a fairly innocuous choice, after all, what type of bigotry and hatred could come from a building game? Steve is a fan favorite from a mega-popular video game. When I watched the first few minutes of the trailer, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the announcement! I would have preferred Minecraft Alex to be the first character, but I was happy she was included at all, given Nintendo’s strange infatuation with white male video game characters. We even got a cool zombie skin, which will mark the first playable undead character in the franchise. I was going to give props to the folks at Nintendo. For once, they didn’t mess up an announcement trailer with some disappointing news. Then I saw the 4th skin.

Please note that I am not a huge fan of Minecraft, in fact, I haven’t even put an hour into the game, however, even I can recognize an enderman. Endermans are tall, dark, violent, abandon their young, jump high, steal stuff, and you need to kill a lot of them to win. Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but it appears that smash included a POC caricature to their roster.

If that weren’t bad enough, it appears that even this horrid depiction of an African American was not included, for presumably extremely racist intentions. As you can clearly see from the picture in the announcement trailer, enderman appears to be the same height as Minecraft Steve, which, as you can tell from the game itself, is canonically incorrect.

Slendermans correct model

This begs the question: If they announce a POC, yet that POC is smaller than it should be, then what is this character? Did Sakurai, the creator of SSBU, just make enderman smaller for unknown reasons? Definitely not. Nintendo is meticulous with the details of these games. If that was actually slenderman, he would be the correct height.

from the background of the nintendo direct for the smash bros dlc

I propose that Enderman is not actually a POC in this game, instead, It is Minecraft Steve Wearing the face of a POC, and acting like the stereotype. In other words, Steve is committing blackface.

This would not be new to veteran Minecrafters, Minecraft has had a “blackface” option for many years, as depicted below. Anyone can make Steve, a character as white as can be, a POC. It is disgusting.

By giving users the option to customize, they can abuse it and make racist skins

With all of this information out, be warned. Every enderman player I come across will be reported, and I urge you all to do the same. No rational person would ever use what can only be described as one of the most racist skins in Smash history since Min Min. With the election drawing near, the last thing we need is the impressionable youth being radicalized by a video game as controversial as this one. 



William Shears

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11 months ago

you do realize that Endermen aren’t human, right? They’re alien-like creatures that can teleport to different dimensions

Starie X
11 months ago

Endermen are not human beings.

11 months ago

fuck niggers

Mike Daze
11 months ago

Not only is this incredibly stupid, it is also false news, Endermen are the wrong height in smash bros but only to balance it out as it is only a costume not the actual mob, the hitbox would be too big if it was an actual one causing issues with gaming. Secondly, just because players want to be a bit dumb and make a blackface with their option for customization that is not Mojangs fault, it is the player as Mojang did not intend for that to be an option. And third, Min Min was supposed to be part of… Read more »

The Guy
11 months ago

Aye real talk, whoever wrote this article. You’re an idiot.

The Guy

Matteo Ginhson
11 months ago
los quiero mucho uwu
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11 months ago

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11 months ago

alguno no me dice la derivada de ln(x+pi*4) Porfa es para algo del colegio sino el profe de matematicas me pega

Juliano Opresor
Reply to  maradona>pele
11 months ago

Un profesor no puede imponerte un resultado. El que obtengas está bien y no importa lo que el piense.

Reply to  Juliano Opresor
11 months ago

la puta que te remil pario forro le puse eso en la prueba a la profe y me puso un 2

11 months ago

stop Being a dumbass