Revolution 60 Review
It has barely been a day since I put down my Iphone, having just finished Giant Spacekats “Revolution 60”, watching the ending cutscene made me realise I had to share my review with the world. Initially stylised by its quirky indie graphics and its unique take on turn based... Read more
Pokemon Go! outside and mock the disabled?
With the Pokémon storm finally calmed it’s time to have a real talk. Pokémon GO is an ableist game. Even after its week-long massive popularity spike, this mobile game managed to create its own downfall once it was revealed the game isn’t so pro everyone! The game is obviously... Read more
Resident Evil 7: White Trash and Racism
With the Resident Evil series continuing its downhill trend with the previous two games, E3 2016’s announcement of a new game in the series, Resident Evil 7, left many players in fear. How far away from the source material would RE7 be? To all our shock…unfortunately not very far.... Read more