Notch Has Created the Perfect Platform For Hate Notch Has Created the Perfect Platform For Hate
Minecraft, a game where everyone that is friendly is white and all the monsters are POC. Is it surprising that the creator is so... Notch Has Created the Perfect Platform For Hate

Minecraft has taken the internet by storm in the past few years; surpassing over 112 million monthly players. Minecraft is a sandbox open-world video game where there is no set objective; you can craft, mine, and build. The possibilities are endless.

The default characters in Minecraft are all white. All of the NPCs in Minecraft are white males. The game is missing members of the JLGBTQIA+ community, they seem to be missing from the game despite making up 15.2% of the world’s population. The most infamous mob in Minecraft, the Enderman, is a tall black man who steals your items. Coincidence? I think not. A recent update has included POC villagers who attack the white villagers, and the player, which is insinuating that all POCs are aggressive and attack white people. The two bosses in the game are POC females, who are portrayed as evil to the core. The Nether is the equivalent of hell in the Minecraft universe. The Nether is filled with POCs and they all try to attack you.

Notch, the creator of Minecraft, has been known to say some deeply offensive things on his twitter. In recent times Notch has fallen into some hot water about these tweets and as a result, several references to him were removed from the game. Despite this Notch had left some subliminal messages in the game to alter the youth’s opinion on the JLGBTQ+ community.

That is your holy creator right there, the same person who advocated for mental health when it was convenient for him. But now he doesn’t own Minecraft, he’ll forget about all the children he helped, just for a chance to display his bigoted views. Thanks, Notch! You’ve upset the people you swore to help.

How are you going to slither your way out of this Notch? Openly advocating for violence whilst being JLGBTQIA+phobic? You do realize why heterosexuals don’t have a pride day, don’t you? If you spent two minutes away from your Nazi land to check the history books, you’d realize your people weren’t always the nicest to deserve a pride day.

Parents, we suggest that you stray your children away from public servers, and watch them carefully when playing this game to protect them from the subliminal messages. We would like to suggest our Minecraft server that will not only protect them from nazis but education them on these topics.

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Kendall Jenner
1 year ago

I hope this website is a joke and if not I hope it goes down in flames

Nate Higgers
1 year ago

Don’t cry
Rabbi Goldberg

1 year ago

please do everyone here a favor and shut the fuck up

1 year ago

This article is BULLSHIT