Mass Effect is the Best Game Ever, if You Are a Bigot Mass Effect is the Best Game Ever, if You Are a Bigot
Mass Effect is by far one of the most problematic game series. Why is nobody talking about this? How they missed the progressive mark... Mass Effect is the Best Game Ever, if You Are a Bigot

Press X to be a Misogynist

Liara T'soni vs. Miranda Lawson – Yesika Reyes

I would say the most obvious problem with Mass Effect is its backwards romance system. This thing is an incel’s wet dream, for all we know it is. That’s an eww from me. In the game, you can flirt with several different characters. As a result of this, the game can at times resemble a dating sim. In my play through, I noticed a that there was a severe lack of JLGBQ+ pairings I could pursue. The romance is not only cringe, but it can even border on sexual misconduct. When you think about the fact that most of the romanceable characters are your crew, it gets real Weinsteiny real quick. Honestly, due to the creepy flirting system, this game is unplayable to anyone who is not a horny teenager. Luckily for Bio-ware, that seems to be this game’s main Demographic.

Space Racist

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Mass Effect is not subtle with its space racism undertones. I am appalled by how this series seems to create a new sub human species whenever they need to kill time. Its not uncommon for games to use fantasy creatures as a substitute for black people. Like orcs in Warcraft, Mass Effect uses the Krogan as their cannon fodder of choice. IGN writes that, “The Krogan evolved in a hostile and vicious environment. ” Obviously, this is the game’s way of talking about the ghetto. Could it be more blatant? Yes, it could be. The most common cause of death in Krogan is gunshot. What I am trying to say is, this game is about killing black people, but they can’t say that. They do the next best thing, make the black people frogs.

What am I Suppose to do About it

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First things first, you should stop playing in a problematic way. Mass Effect is a decision based game, so you create your own story. Strive to make that a good one. Only romance a character if it is a JLGBTQ positive relationship. Avoid violence whenever possible, and when you can’t avoid violence just turn the console off. It is also important to make sure your friends are playing in a positive way, if they aren’t than call them out. Make sure to also share this article with anyone you think could benefit from this information.

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