Mario is a Hotbed of Misogyny and Racism Mario is a Hotbed of Misogyny and Racism
Mario: a video game franchise cherished worldwide by hundreds of millions of people. Mario himself is arguably the most recognizable and influential fictional character,... Mario is a Hotbed of Misogyny and Racism

Mario: a video game franchise cherished worldwide by hundreds of millions of people. Mario himself is arguably the most recognizable and influential fictional character, save perhaps Jesus himself, with adoration for his deeds stretching to all corners of the earth. And yet, beneath that lovable façade and cherry-red hat lies perhaps one of the world’s greatest monsters, one that has indoctrinated the impressionable youth for decades, brainwashing them into believing all sorts of horrors that one would dare to even imagine. This is the story of Mario.

Mario’s prejudicial history can be traced back to the very first game that Mario appeared in: the infamous Donkey Kong. The objective of that very first game was for the player to utilize Mario to save Peach from the monstrous Donkey Kong’s iron-clad grip. From that point onward, several dreadful values represented in that fateful game were passed onto all the following games in the voluminous Mario series. Most notably, in all of the Mario games ever created all the humans in the games have, oddly enough, been white. There has never been a minority character to ever show up in a Mario game, which is made even more peculiar by the fact that Mario is made by Nintendo, a company located in Tokyo, dubbed by many as the heart of Asia. Even more disturbing, all of the main enemies are visually identified as being racist caricatures of JBIPOC people, with Donkey Kong believed to be a depiction of a big, dumb, hairy African, Goombas being the stereotypical representations of tiny, dim-witted, brown Latinos, and many more instances of these racist caricatures.

Bowser, a misunderstood villain

Another distasteful value that followed from that first game into all others was that women were always characterized as being frail and feeble characters, completely unable to defend themselves from the whims of their enemies. As a result, their male counterparts in the franchise have always had to save them from the precarious situations they were stuck in, rather than the women devising a way to free themselves from their tormentors and enact righteous revenge on them. Even in the less traditional games in the franchise, such as Super Smash Bros, the female characters, such as Daisy and Peach, have always been regarded as far inferior to the male characters, most notably Mario and Luigi.

Why are these two fighters worse than the men in this game?

Those disgraceful principles that have made up much of the franchise’s legacy and others not discussed about, such as its appalling lack of JLGBTQIA+ characters, have spawned a host of people and media that revel in the bigotry of the sinister series. For example, Donald J. Trump’s hat is believed to have been inspired by Mario’s own hat. Both share an almost identical shade of red and a prominent M on each, and both Former impeached president Donald Trump and Mario share similar, vile beliefs that most people would turn their noses at. There are also several games that share several similarities to the series, including, but not limited to, Postal, which promotes violence targeted towards all individuals surrounding the main character.

In total, Mario promotes, racist, sexist, and several other distasteful values, which have turned the past several generations into ones that take pleasure from inflicting pain from others. Although normally I would advocate for major reform to occur in the video game series to make it more acceptable and inclusive, I think the game is so tainted at this point that there is really nothing we can do except banning it outright. If you or a loved one play this game, please stop doing so immediately so we can make the world a safer and better place.


William Shears

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15 days ago

This article is complete garbage for a multitude of reasons, and since I have time to kill, I’ll use it on this worthless dumpster fire; This article makes heavy, and I mean HEAVY assumptions. First off, it assumes that there’s a “deeper meaning” behind each of the characters, which somehow implies racism and sexism. And here’s why you’re wrong: if you even did any research into the topic, you would know of a character called “toadette”. Toadette is, go figure, a strong, independent ***FEMALE*** toad. That, and in smash bros, most people’s favorite character SAMUS is also female. Where is… Read more »

11 days ago

Peach and Daisy are top tiers in smash brothers lmao ya know, the game where you said “Why are these two fighters worse than the men in this game?”

They outclass most male characters including Mario&Luigi but i guess you don’t know how to Z drop so get gud scrub-Sumdood

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