Pokemon Sword & Shield: Animal abuse, lack of diversity, dissapointing gameplay, oh my!

When you think of Video games, you undoubtedly think of franchises such as Mario, Sonic, GTA, and, of course, Pokemon. There are very few pieces of media that have made more of an impact on society than Pokemon. This begs the question, then: Why can’t Gamefreak make a good Pokemon game? We all knew Pokemon Sw/Sh was going to have massive problems in terms of gameplay and content, with report...[Read More]

Resident Evil 7 shows us the real bio-hazard is racism and white trash

With the Resident Evil series going downhill with its previous two entries, E3 2016s announcement of RE7 left a lot of players in fear. How far away from the original source material would RE7 actually be? Well, to all our shock…actually not very far. Like-minded fans were shocked when “Beginning hour” was released, it set the tone for the full game and we knew it would be nothing like RE6. ...[Read More]

How to ethically play Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing has always been a questionable game, from its first appearance in 2001- and yes, we have cancelled this game. However, someone I did not expect to support the game came out with a clever little item. To catch you up to speed before I tell you how to ethically play Animals Crossing: New Horizons, I will explain why I’ve chosen to revisit the game. Short answer: Biden. Yep! You heard...[Read More]

Fortnite: an inclusive game we can all enjoy

There are few games that define a generation of gaming. Mrs. Pac Man, Doom, Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot, and now 2 titles compete for this prestigious title: Fortnite and Minecraft. Here are our views on who should take the ultimate title. Recently, though internet sites such as Reddit, internet graphics known as “memes” have been circulating around saying “Minecraft good, Fortnite...[Read More]

State of Decay-ing Black representation

Undead Lab’s 2013 user hit game “State of Decay” has always been on my watchlist, over the week I decided to invest in the game and I can say, I’m thoroughly upset. The game focuses on a randomly generated system of characters, only having forty~ characters that have some tie in with the storyline, so I expected SOME black characters. But, no. Throughout the game you come into contact with THREE b...[Read More]

Deus Ex Mankind Divided, an exposition of American class struggles and income disparity

The Deus Ex series has always been about human augmentation, the fight between humans and those with artificial organs. In a way, it reflects the debate coming up in the world now with the rise of robots. Within the game, you’ll see people who get the organs in order to survive, whilst some get them to get stronger, this divides the two. Remind you of anything? The idea of different people within ...[Read More]

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