Resident Evil 3: Rape Victim Simulation, a brief review

Jill looked like she was strong, took no nonsense, and did not need anyone to hold the door for her. In other words, ready to kick undead butt. I was ready to be Jill.

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State of Decaying Black Representation
Zeds aren’t the only thing you have to worry about. Undead Lab’s 2013 user hit game “State of Decay” has always been on my watchlist, over the week I decided to invest in the game and I can say, I’m thoroughly upset. The game focuses on a randomly generated... Read more
Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Society In a Nutshell
“Treat people like animals long enough they’ll start acting like animals” The Deus Ex series has always been about human augmentation, the fight between “naturals” and those with artificial organs, the “augmented”. In a way, it reflects the debate coming up in the world now with the rise of... Read more
Mass Effect is the Best Game Ever, if You Are a Bigot

Mass Effect is by far one of the most problematic game series. Why is nobody talking about this? How they missed the progressive mark this much.

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