The Bigoted TRUTH Behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The game starts with your characters in tents, then progresses to a small house, then eventually becoming a mansion, all while exploiting capitalism and glorifying gentrification every step of the way.

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Doom: The start of toxic masculinity in video gaming
The original Doom is one of the most iconic games in video game history. It is often called the start of the FPS genre. Many people see this as a good thing, otherwise games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and the other titans of the FPS genre would not... Read more
Bloons Tower Defense: The Art of Abstract Violence
Bloons Tower Defense was first released in 2007, since this first game, the series has produced 6 mainline games, with Bloons Monkey City, Bloons Adventure Time Tower Defense and Bloons Tower Defense Battles being spin-offs. The most recent Bloons game was Bloons Tower Defense 6. This is the game... Read more
Resident Evil 3: Rape Victim Simulation, a brief review

Jill looked like she was strong, took no nonsense, and did not need anyone to hold the door for her. In other words, ready to kick undead butt. I was ready to be Jill.

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Call of Duty: Pro-death machine with no cares.
17 years, 16 games, and still not even a hint of progression. For years, Call of Duty has dominated the gaming charts, resulting in selling millions of units with each new game. The franchise started in World War II then quickly changed to futuristic space adventures with Exo suits,... Read more
State of Decaying Black Representation
Zeds aren’t the only thing you have to worry about. Undead Lab’s 2013 user hit game “State of Decay” has always been on my watchlist, over the week I decided to invest in the game and I can say, I’m thoroughly upset. The game focuses on a randomly generated... Read more
Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Society In a Nutshell
“Treat people like animals long enough they’ll start acting like animals” The Deus Ex series has always been about human augmentation, the fight between “naturals” and those with artificial organs, the “augmented”. In a way, it reflects the debate coming up in the world now with the rise of... Read more
Mass Effect is the Best Game Ever, if You Are a Bigot

Mass Effect is by far one of the most problematic game series. Why is nobody talking about this? How they missed the progressive mark this much.

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Pokemon sword and shield: animal abuse, lack of diversity, disappointing gameplay, Oh my!
When you think of Video games, you undoubtedly think of franchises such as Mario, Sonic, GTA, and, of course, Pokemon. There are very few pieces of media that have made more of an impact on society than Pokemon. This begs the question, then: Why can’t Gamefreak make a good... Read more
Revolution 60 Review
It has barely been a day since I put down my Iphone, having just finished Giant Spacekats “Revolution 60”, watching the ending cutscene made me realise I had to share my review with the world. Initially stylised by its quirky indie graphics and its unique take on turn based... Read more