Why the new smash DLC promotes blackface

I was going to give props to the folks at Nintendo. For once, they didn’t mess up an announcement trailer with some disappointing news. Then I saw the 4th skin.

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Doom: The start of toxic masculinity in video gaming
The original Doom is one of the most iconic games in video game history. It is often called the start of the FPS genre. Many people see this as a good thing, otherwise games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and the other titans of the FPS genre would not... Read more
Bloons Tower Defense: The Art of Abstract Violence
Bloons Tower Defense was first released in 2007, since this first game, the series has produced 6 mainline games, with Bloons Monkey City, Bloons Adventure Time Tower Defense and Bloons Tower Defense Battles being spin-offs. The most recent Bloons game was Bloons Tower Defense 6. This is the game... Read more
How to ethically play Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing has always been a questionable game, from its first appearance in 2001- and yes, we have cancelled this game. However, someone I did not expect to support the game came out with a clever little item. To catch you up to speed before I tell you how... Read more
A Look Into LGBT Representation
LGBTQIA protagonists are hard to come by, especially protagonists without player influence. This meaning characters like Axton from Borderlands 2 and Ellie from The Last of Us are LGBTQIA characters without the player influence. This doesn’t invalidate player influenced protagonists like the Dragonborn from Skyrim, but it doesn’t give... Read more
Toxic Games and How To Spot Them
I’ve spent long enough playing games to spot a toxic game, it’s like a skill at this point. I don’t even need to play a game to understand I need to miss it. But for the common person, it is much harder, and so this is my guide on... Read more
Pac Man: Yet another convoluted P2W game
It was a snowy January evening. I had recently submitted my review for Donkey Kong, and I wanted to celebrate a hard day’s work by visiting a bar, wearing my new hat. I am what you call a regular at this particular establishment. As a regular, you get used... Read more
Super Mario Bros. Nintendos most toxic franchise.
Super Mario Bros is a game featuring Mario and Various characters in the mushroom kingdom, trying to free Princess Peach.  The game series started with the aptly named “Super Mario Bros.” in 1985 for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). With the most recent titles being a mobile port (Super... Read more
The Terrifying Violence Of The Mario Kart Franchise
The Mario Kart series is one of the most popular Nintendo franchises out there; with the original Super Mario Kart releasing for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1992. Since, there have been several games in the series with the most recent being Mario Kart Tour releasing on... Read more
How You All Failed Alinity.
For clarification, I am not a “simp”. You’ve probably seen the tweet, Ninja bullies Alinity? All a joke? No. It isn’t. Jokes are funny, Ninja is just a racist, sexist bully. For a year now Alinity has been the butt of sexist jokes and lies trying to defame her... Read more