Why the new smash DLC promotes blackface

I was going to give props to the folks at Nintendo. For once, they didn’t mess up an announcement trailer with some disappointing news. Then I saw the 4th skin.

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A Look Into LGBT Representation
LGBTQIA protagonists are hard to come by, especially protagonists without player influence. This meaning characters like Axton from Borderlands 2 and Ellie from The Last of Us are LGBTQIA characters without the player influence. This doesn’t invalidate player influenced protagonists like the Dragonborn from Skyrim, but it doesn’t give... Read more
How You All Failed Alinity.
For clarification, I am not a “simp”. You’ve probably seen the tweet, Ninja bullies Alinity? All a joke? No. It isn’t. Jokes are funny, Ninja is just a racist, sexist bully. For a year now Alinity has been the butt of sexist jokes and lies trying to defame her... Read more
Dead Rising American Consumerism
Warning: Contains spoilers. The Xbox exclusive title “Dead Rising”, released in 2006, became a big hit for Capcom and set a precedent for new zombie titles yet to come. Non-traditional aspects of the survival horror genre are welcomed within this title. Instead of limited ammunition and the odd melee... Read more
Why the PC Master Race Needs to Stop
The PC Master Race The PC Master Race is a community of gamers that claim superiority over other gamers because they use more expensive gear. This community is mostly white, and they refer to game console users as “peasants”. This group of elitists are known for harassing console users... Read more