Call of Duty: Pro-death machine with no cares. Call of Duty: Pro-death machine with no cares.
17 years, 16 games, and still not even a hint of progression. For years, Call of Duty has dominated the gaming charts, resulting in... Call of Duty: Pro-death machine with no cares.

17 years, 16 games, and still not even a hint of progression.

For years, Call of Duty has dominated the gaming charts, resulting in selling millions of units with each new game. The franchise started in World War II then quickly changed to futuristic space adventures with Exo suits, then, having enough with the absurdity, quickly drew back into World War II. Throughout this rapid change of extremely different settings for war, one thing has never changed. The guns.

Well, the guns themselves have changed, models were updated, new guns were added, but, the fetishization of them has not. In these games it’s impossible to do a pacifist run, at some point or another you have to raise your gun and shoot someone, likely many someones. Knowing you cannot just talk about the issues important issues at hand instead of just seeing the other side as an “enemy” to be defeated and killed, and even seeing family and friends enjoy this violence, terrified me. Why is it you have to shoot people to advance? Why do people want that? 

The game is most infamous involving a younger demographic despite a clear 18+ age rating (good job enforcing your rules) and has had a lot of controversy revolving its toxic voice chats. I’m sure you’ve seen compilations with younger children screaming horrible slurs down the mic as if they had no care in the world for others. What may have caused this? I believe it is the inherent violence built into the game. The main causes of the horrifying plethora of slurs would be in multiplayer, where the main objective is to simply kill each other. To win, they have to kill each other, you can’t fairly shake hands and go on the match as friends, or simply discuss your differences in a debate.

Warning! Violent!

Oh, and why can’t you do a pacifist run in the main story or the multiplayer modes? It’s like there’s no care in teaching people it’s horrifyingly bad to be pro-gun. I interviewed an ex-COD player on his experiences when playing the game, and he had this to say

“I was once the slurring kid you saw on youtube. I was once the pro-gun kid. I was once the bigot. But I was able to finally break free from the ideologies that Activision was trying to implant inside my brain. But it wasn’t the same for my friends, they went on to being pro-Trump. I cut them out of my life, but I’m still scared, still scared that my old friends may one day come for my life.”

Do you want your kids to be pro-Trump? To shoot someone? If not, I would advise you to scribble these games off your kids’ Christmas list before it’s too late, and they have been arrested for a racially charged murder by gun. Think now and save the future and your children.

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Smart Human
1 year ago

Guess what, The reason you cant just handshake the enemy is because it is how the real world works. Maybe if you actually used your brain you would know this. The community has done some friendly things in matches it just isnt talked about.War is not that great but in these cases it is what drives parts of the story which all the games have great stories.

1 year ago

why is being different from you evil? you want tolerance and equality but anyone who disagrees with you is “evil” and a “racist”. so much for free speech smh