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Here’s why the new Furry Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox controllers are a tool for bigotry and hate

Blue light exposes my tear-stricken face. I am alone in my apartment again on a Friday night, because of an arrangement between my husband and boyfriend. I have a duty to finish this article. It weigh...[Read More]

Slot Ramses


Penalty Kicks

Jacks or Better

Four Colors

Classic Bowling


Alinity vs Ninja, her stand against the final boss of sexist gamers

You’ve probably seen the tweet, Ninja bullies Alinity? All a joke? No. It isn’t. Jokes are funny, Ninja is just a racist, sexist bully. For a year now Alinity has been the butt of sexist jokes and lie...[Read More]

Dismantling the PC Master Race and the Nazis that use it as cover

One thing that struck a point of interest whilst researching the topic of “PC Master Race” is the name. Remind you of anything? It didn’t occur to me until it saluted me in my face. Hitler’s master ra...[Read More]

Not a Game: Female Twitch streamers vs. the Patriarchy

We’re both not strangers to the internet, we’ve all seen at least ONE clip an incel male has recorded of a gamer girl asking for donations and the comments rip into her like no tomorrow. Why? Because ...[Read More]

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