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Resident Evil 7 shows us the real bio-hazard is racism and white trash

Called the claim to fame back to survival horror, how well does Resident Evil 7 actually hold up?

Resident Evil 7 shows us the real bio-hazard is racism and white trash

With the Resident Evil series going downhill with its previous two entries, E3 2016s announcement of RE7 left a lot of players in fear. How far away from the original source material would RE7 actually be? Well, to all our shock…actually not very far. Like-minded fans were shocked when “Beginning hour” was released, it set the tone for the full game and we knew it would be nothing like RE6. But when RE7 actually released, well, there were mixed reviews.

Being set in the fictional town of Dulvey Parish, Louisiana, I held high expectations on alligators, coyotes and crazily mutated turtles. But what did we get? 3 different molded types and a few bugs. I’ll admit, the molded scared me, but when I see the same 3 enemies walking around they lose their scare-ability real quick. What attracted people to Resident Evil was the questions it filled you with and the many possibilities it presented. 

In the remake they made zombies have that little bit more of a bite, literally. Turning into crimson heads added an extra element to the game of how to eliminate an enemy, but with the molded the questions are no more. No longer do you question “should I kill this one and risk it coming back later?”, a pivotal question in the remake. Now it’s “can I run past it or no?”, that’s it! I wish they had more expansive enemy types other than the Bakers. 

Oh yeah, the Bakers. We haven’t touched on them yet have we? The problem with the Bakers are well, they’re white. They’re the most prominent throughout the game and all it shows is how racist, sexist and patriarchal white people are. Jack kills the only POC character throughout the whole game (which we’ll touch upon in a bit), openly abuses the females in the game and shows off the male patriarchy within families, being the strongest boss to come back. Marguerite is the doting mother who gets angry that her family are being messed with. She’s shown to be the weaker link within the family structure and isn’t afraid to openly abuse her daughter, solidifying the idea that it’s ok to treat your daughters like subhuman trash piles. The idea of Marguerite only caring about her family whilst Jack and Lucas just want to kill, kill, kill! Adds a layer of submissiveness to women and their place within society being unable to be deranged killers as well.

There is only one POC character throughout the whole game and what happens to him? He’s killed by racist Jack within 5 minutes of his character being on screen. Do you know his name other than Deputy? No, because it’s not stated in the game until the credits. His name is David Anderson and he gets the most grueling death in the whole game via a shovel thrust through his head. Yes. That’s how he dies. And you know what they do with the body? Throw the head in the fridge for a secret little joke and let you stick your hand down the decapitated body of Anderson in order to get a key to advance the game. The only POC character and Capcom decided to throw the middle finger at diversity and kill off what could’ve been an amazing character. The fact you don’t even know his name shows off the lack of care Capcom really had when creating the character of Anderson. They probably thought throwing him through the POC blender would be enough.

To add fuel to the fire they teased Chris Redfield for his DLC at the end! Big red flag seeing as Chris was shown to be a sexist in resident evil 6… why would they involve him? To get brownie points with the white sexists who play the game? You know who would’ve been better for that spot? Literally any other female character. I just don’t see why they chose Chris! A little fix for you Capcom, have Ada as the surprise. Not only is she a very capable Asian woman, but it would be amazing to see her redeemed after her years of being controlled by a white man. But no, you love the white males don’t ya? You love having white men as the focal point of everything. 

No surprise the stories even worse, a young girl created as a bio-weapon to destroy the world being auctioned off to as i can deduce the richest white person there. Racism, sexism and now human trafficking of a child? Almost a home run of a badly made game i think. The young girl is meant to be the enemy of the game, the one you hate, whilst not letting us forget she just wants a family. Like, are we meant to sympathize with her or laugh at her for being an orphan before unloading a pile of lead into her mutated skull? You’re sending mixed signals of what we should think, and all I can think about is a bunch of men laughing over a young girl being stripped of love and attention.

I don’t know what went off in Capcom’s head when deciding to make a story like this. I know resident evil is the most acclaimed for POC representation, I mean, it should’ve been expected when we saw a POC in Resident Evil that wasn’t a companion, but it’s 2017! They were following a good track on positive female roles but when it came to Mia and Zoe it felt as though you, a white, straight male had to go in and protect them. Why couldn’t they be a vocal point of female empowerment?

In conclusion, I believe resident evil needs a lot of fixing to do. First thing? Make Anderson the main character, how amazing would that be? An actual POC character other than a thin white male? If you’re going to make the family white, don’t make them an alt-right idea of a family instead of a normal family. Make Lucas transgender! Make Jack bisexual! Do whatever to add inclusivity to your otherwise bland, white trash game.

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