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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Animal abuse, lack of diversity, dissapointing gameplay, oh my!

Why is it cool to abuse animals?

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Animal abuse, lack of diversity, dissapointing gameplay, oh my!

When you think of Video games, you undoubtedly think of franchises such as Mario, Sonic, GTA, and, of course, Pokemon. There are very few pieces of media that have made more of an impact on society than Pokemon. This begs the question, then: Why can’t Gamefreak make a good Pokemon game?

We all knew Pokemon Sw/Sh was going to have massive problems in terms of gameplay and content, with reports that over half of all pokemon would be removed from the game, but no one could expect the lack of care they put into diversifying the cast.

The gameplay is underwhelming. It is just pokemon, with less pokemon then the last game, and no changes to graphics, less to do, no changes the the battle system worth noting, and the fact that they won’t let you do a pacifist run.

In the entire game, there are 4 POC characters in Sheild, and 5 in Sword (so if you absolutely have to buy the game, go with sword). Once again, a video game with hardly any POC representation, and it’s not getting better.

I feel that no Pokemon review is complete without at least mentioning its the PETA controversy

It is no secret to anyone that pokemon deals in forcing animals to fight each other, PETA has been outspoken against it. As an animal rights activist, I care too much about animals to virtually abuse them, and I know many others do too.

My suggestion for Gamefreak: a game mode where you can admire pokemon in a wild area, but you can only look at the animals, and maybe take pictures or something. This would make some animal rights activists happy, and maybe send a message that not all videogames are made for violent sociopaths.

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