Not a Game: Female Twitch streamers vs. the Patriarchy

Not a Game: Female Twitch streamers vs. the Patriarchy

We’re both not strangers to the internet, we’ve all seen at least ONE clip an incel male has recorded of a gamer girl asking for donations and the comments rip into her like no tomorrow. Why? Because incel males can’t stand the thought of a successfully talented woman being better at games than them and asking for a little support.

So why should you support gamer girls on twitch? They give out almost daily, amazing content that keeps you entertained. Whether it’s gaming streams, sit-down-with-me’s, or just having fun scrolling through the internet together, they offer hundreds of hours with of free entertainment. They deserve to be paid.

 I’ve personally tried to watch male streamers but I found it too threatening and an uncomfortable environment. Taking the chats, for instance, male streamers typically have gruesomely horrific racist, homophobic and sexist chat full of “p*ggers” and “k*ks” that creates such a toxic environment Chernobyl would be proud. Girl streamers chats? Amazingly beautiful. Everyone is having fun, chatting and spamming adorable cute heart emotes to show love and support to their favourite streamer. Their environment is simply beautiful and if I ever need to cool down I can always count of my favourite streamer and her chat to be there for me.

Whilst Twitch users claim that it has a bias towards women streamers to their male counterparts, I think it’s interesting to know that confident female streamers are quickly taken off the platform is they show an inch of skin that Twitch deems “sexual”. Plenty of women have been taken off the platform simple for easy mistakes of a wardrobe malfunction whilst males can freely stream topless with the only hate they get is from other males uncomfortable with their sexuality. 

If a streamer is seen with “less rather respectable” clothing on, the toxic male community is quick with their pitchforks ready to take down a helpless girl juts wanting to be comfortable whilst playing a game. To me, it’s sad how males feel they “own” the platform. 

This just adds onto the recent attacks of famous Twitch streamer Pokimane, males attacking a successful woman because they’re scared of her power. They know other incel males LOVE to watch videos ripping into women, and so? Why not attack Poki?

 I myself tried to stream however I was met with males being openly sexist and I just couldn’t fight off the uncomfortable feeling I was experiencing at this time. I believe personally our streamer queens are the most powerful and strong people to exist, their profession is one of the hardest jobs someone could do, (being as journalism is the top hardest job, but, I digress). 

Girl streamers are seen as “enemies” within the Twitch community and for that, it is much harder for them to thrive in a male-dominated environment and so I am sure we can all come together and give our gals a little extra pay this month. Even our own journalists are getting involved with Twitch and adding the feminine and LGBTQIA flair this platform needs.

It’s time to remove the males and let queens take the reigns

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