Dismantling the PC Master Race and the Nazis that use it as cover

Dismantling the PC Master Race and the Nazis that use it as cover

One thing that struck a point of interest whilst researching the topic of “PC Master Race” is the name. Remind you of anything? It didn’t occur to me until it saluted me in my face. Hitler’s master race. Strange, how could these be connected? In more ways than you think. 

The PC Master Race is notorious within the community as the “top dogs”, having questionable actions in order to let console gamers know their place within the community and society. Do you know who else did that? A certain short guy with a lust for letting others know HE was top dog. Also with this, PCMR sees other gamers who do not share their views as “inferior” and go on a personal hate train in order to either change or take down the opposition. 

PCMR see themselves as all-inclusive, as those who accept all, however, their subreddit is filled with teens gloating about how they’re better because they’re a PC gamer. These young white boys are spreading around the idea that they’re better than everyone else and it scares me. It scares me because the Nazi party thought the exact same. They thought they were better and all-inclusive however they saw those below them as inhuman. Young white boys once again gloating how they’re the best. It scares me.

The straight white male has dominated the world for too long, first in politics and jobs, but now? In gaming, in communities people thought were “safe”, to meet others like them. Whilst the site may have been founded on love and support for other PC gamers, they allowed it to take over this vicious hate circle towards others. They allowed it without stopping it. They never once stepped in to discourage the attacks, instead…they’re just the “master race”. 

We would advise all who follow or subscribe to any of PCMRs social media to stop now in solidarity of those they have hurt The kids they have attacked and belittled for so long. Stand with us and say no to their nazi propaganda.

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