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How to ethically play Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Being a video game is not an excuse to justify bad behavior.

How to ethically play Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing has always been a questionable game, from its first appearance in 2001- and yes, we have cancelled this game. However, someone I did not expect to support the game came out with a clever little item.

To catch you up to speed before I tell you how to ethically play Animals Crossing: New Horizons, I will explain why I’ve chosen to revisit the game. Short answer: Biden. Yep! You heard that right, our future president Joe Biden has made official Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH for short) custom signs for you to put in your town, and I will say, I love them. And with Bidens support I thought I would retest the game in order to tell you how to game ethically!


Joe Biden a un animal Crossing: New Horizons Island

I think the first step to gaming ethically is obviously not fishing or catching bugs. It has become a global issue of overfishing and what I like to call “useless fishing” (such as a hobby or meaningless foods/medicines), why must we contribute to the idea we as a society NEED to fish in order to survive? Catching bugs are either worse, as if you aren’t going to sell you’re dooming them to a life of captivity in the hands of Blathers, who simply detestes bugs. Obviously failing to properly care for them. As so, reject fishing or bug catching in order to have a positive mind set with real world issues and so going out to fight the rights of poor creatures.

Next, I would reject deforestation. Throw that axe away because you’re not so as much shaking a tree. Trees have been proven to have some sort of nerve system that allows them to feel pain, why would you chop down trees if you know that? Instead of removing trees, ethically pick them up via fruit-aid and transport them to a safe environment. Even better if you add to the tree environment! Go tree crazy! Can’t go wrong with too many trees, it just means more homes for lovely bugs! 

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Your island is your safe space, but please remember to be respectful if anyone else comes to your island. Be careful of others triggers and be mindful when creating your island you don’t accidentally harm your friends when they come to visit! I suggest having a zone that’s dedicated to your friends’ needs so you can all go relax on someone’s island and have a great time.

Another step would definitely be not falling into the trap of the capitalist ploy. Animal Crossing is obviously very pro-capitalist. In ACNH prices have sky rocketed whilst the way to obtain money is much more difficult. As of now the income you receive via the bank at the end of the month has been greatly nerfed to the point of it being nearly useless. That’s why I support the idea of a friendly marxist-communist community where we reject the bourgeoisie Tom Nook and instead support each other in our needs. Share items and NEVER give a bell to the capitalist scum.

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Please play ethically using my steps and not fall into the trap of alt-right game play as mentioned in Cinch News’ article covering ACNH.

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