Fortnite: an inclusive game we can all enjoy

Why does strong femxles always bring hate?

Fortnite: an inclusive game we can all enjoy

There are few games that define a generation of gaming. Mrs. Pac Man, Doom, Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot, and now 2 titles compete for this prestigious title: Fortnite and Minecraft. Here are our views on who should take the ultimate title.

Recently, though internet sites such as Reddit, internet graphics known as “memes” have been circulating around saying “Minecraft good, Fortnite bad”. Harassing those who disagree, at one point even driving a kid to suicide. We’re here to fact check these claims.

Is “Minecraft good Fortnite bad”? Is “Fortnite cringe”?

The short answer is no, we don’t think the game itself is “cringe”, the fans aren’t either, but why is it spread around they are? We can only assume angry Minecraft fans who are scared their game will lose players). 

A striking contrast between the two games is the price differences. Whilst this may not be an inherently bad thing, Fortnite is Free-To-Play meaning it is easily accessible to all. This naturally drops the class segregation, as all you need is a platform to run it on, unlike Minecraft’s heavily capitalist price tag per download. Minecraft has a hefty price of roughly $26.99, unlike Fortnite’s free downloads. Buying Minecraft may mean being unable to eat that month, downloading Fortnite means hours of endless fun with your friends.

Speaking of “endless fun with your friends”, Fortnite enables kids to build trusting and strong bonds with their friends. Going into “teams”, players have to trust who they’re matched with, making it so their co-op skills strengthen. At no point during a match of Fortnite was I worried my teammates were going to stab me in my back and run away, even when playing by myself I caught having that special player to fall back on to protect me. Comparing this to Minecraft where you don’t have a “team” like feel but instead, you’re alone. At no point in my Minecraft experience did I feel safe until I entered journalist approved servers. There is no sense of “team”, there is no sense of protection. I can see this game being unable to strengthen a bond between friends but in fact, draw them apart.

Notch vs Tim Sweeny

To be absolutely transparent, we at inclusive gamers have had personal run-ins with popular alt-right-troll-turned-game-dev, Notch. He has angrily replied to one of our twitter polls, mocking our company. Notch is famously racist, sexist, bigoted, and sometimes wrong on his twitter. As a consumer, it’s hard to endorse a product made by someone with those beliefs. 

Sweeny, on the other hand, is a man of integrity. He’s invested millions of Fortnite’s profits into protecting the environment and is not racist as far as we’ve been able to figure out. His twitter isn’t political either way, but his actions speak louder than words, and those words are caring and genuine.

The graphics: 

The graphics aren’t even comparable. Fortnite is the better game by a mile. Minecraft has the look of a prototype game made in the early 90s. You can barely tell the difference between a donkey and a horse! Fortnite has much better, modern graphics that both cartoonish and visually pleasing.

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