Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Deus Ex Mankind Divided, an exposition of American class struggles and income disparity

“Treat people like animals long enough they'll start acting like animals”

Deus Ex Mankind Divided, an exposition of American class struggles and income disparity

The Deus Ex series has always been about human augmentation, the fight between humans and those with artificial organs. In a way, it reflects the debate coming up in the world now with the rise of robots. Within the game, you’ll see people who get the organs in order to survive, whilst some get them to get stronger, this divides the two. Remind you of anything?

The idea of different people within society doesn’t fit well with the humans. Just like LGBTQIA+ people. Humans can be seen as a clever call to cis, straight people who don’t understand the way of LGBTQIA+ people and their lack of “control” with their life. Just like the “robots” within the game, LGBTQIA+ people have to deal with the same hate and segregation. Those who use augmentation in order to get stronger could be a nod to those cis, straight people who claim to be LGBTQIA+ as a sort of fetishisation of the community. It’s all too clever Square Enix. I like it.

Do you know another community Deus Ex could be a metaphor for? The POC community. Throughout the games, augmented humans are seen almost like “freaks” and “dangerous”. Those people are unable to travel within being harassed by guards, white women looking fearfully at you protecting their children, and the expectation to sit in a designated area. If that doesn’t remind you of a certain time period within American history, go pick up a book. 

How clever is this game? It represents the hardships of TWO communities in one game, I think it’s a masterpiece right there. I love how unapologetic it is throughout the whole game, letting its presence know that this is happening, this is the society you are virtually living it. It lets you, the player, know that you too are living in this society.

Do you know what else is amazing? It’s stealth-based! Do you know what that means?

Whilst you do get points for killing people, you can easily sneak by people without having to actually kill people! And if you do choose the route of killing, it’s a more humane non-lethal incapacitation! I love a good game that has a pacifism option!

Catering to both audiences who may want to play both styles (I don’t know why though). Therefore, you can beat the game without killing ANYONE! I’m in awe.

Whilst yes they had “less than ideal sales”, I still believe this is a perfect pick if you want to play a quality game that emphasizes the issues within society and allows pacifism. This game gets a journalist approved signature!

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